When Should I Change My Furnace Filters

Many homeowners today neglect to change their furnace filters as often as necessary unfortunately not changing your furnace filter can lead to many costly repairs. Did you know that a clogged furnace filter will cause your furnace not only to work harder but could cause your furnace to get too hot and shut down? You certainly do not want your furnace to shut down as a rule of thumb this will always happen but in the middle of the night in the cold as part of the year. Not only is your furnace effected by a clogged filter your air conditioning will also be affected due to lack of airflow, the lack of airflow will cause your cooling coils in the furnace to freeze up when it freezes up the efficiency of your cooling is diminished in the eyes further restricts the air flow. When this happened you'll need to turn off air conditioning long enough for the coil to thaw out.

So again we ask how often should we change our furnace filters? Furnace filters should be checked at least once a month they may not need to be changed every month but you should at least check them once a month by obviously during high cooling for heating times of the year If the filters will need to be changed more often. This brings us to the question of what type of filter do I need. There are basically three different types of filters are commonly used the first and least expensive But is they typical fiberglass filter these usually cost less than a dollar and do a fair job of cleaning the air. The next filter is a pleated filter these filters We'll remove smaller particles of dust from your home than the standard fiberglass filter these filters do cost a little bit more And may need to be changed more often.

The next step in from its filter technology is a 4in. thick mechanical type air filter installing this filter will require changing your duct work and adding electricity. The main advantage of a mechanical type air filter is that it never needs changing but does require cleaning. It does cost more but does a much better job of removing small particles from your home.

No matter what type of filter you choose it will only be effective if it is maintained properly. Changing for cleaning your filters tie regular basis will increase the life of your furnace reduce maintenance costs and reduce energy costs in heating and cooling your house and will make your house cleaner by removing those particles.

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