Electric Fireplaces and Your Home

As these winter months are starting to cool the earth, your house will noticeably become colder as well. Making sure that your home stays warm and comfortable for your family and guests using your home furnace during the holidays may become a very expensive ordeal. One effective and attractive way to save money while heating your home is to invest in an electric fireplace.

There are many advantages to owning an electric fireplace. They offer a great convenience in that they are portable and relatively inexpensive compared to gas or traditional fireplaces. All that electric fireplaces require is a normal outlet to make your room will comfortable and relaxing. Electric fireplaces are much more than simple space heaters. They often have logs that glow, rather than flames which can be potentially dangerous, which create a soothing ambiance wherever they are placed. They can be moved from room to room, depending on your needs and do not require any ventilation to function properly. Electric Fireplaces are the perfect way to create the comfort of a traditional fireplace, with a hearth and mantel, on a smaller scale while making any room feel like home.

Electric fireplaces have become very affordable, intelligently configured for ease in use, and have become a very popular source of heat in hundreds of thousands of homes across the country. They don't necessitate any remodeling or masonry work to install them because they don't even need to be “installed”. This means that electrical fireplaces can be used in any apartment, townhouse, condominium, single family home, or cottage. Moreover, its simple construction of a firebox, surround, mantel, and grate make it a very lightweight and easy to carry up any staircase. Once you have the electric fireplace inside, you simply need to plug it in to begin enjoying the warmth and comfort provided by the imitation fire.

Due to the fact that electric fireplaces are portable, they are considered a zero-clearance hearth product. This means that they can act as an easy dab of decoration and character to be used in any room. It can be used to accent any room to create a comfortable and calming ambiance. If you so desire, a professional installer can actually hardwire any electrical fireplace into your home's interior walls. Once installed, you can use a variety of different mantles, glass doors, logs, and even flames to add a little personal flavor to the look of your electric fireplace and match the existing décor of the room. Even if you already have a traditional fireplace, there are electric fireplace inserts that can be used alleviate the constant need to carry wood back and forth and work to maintain the fire.

Another bonus feature of electric fireplaces is the fact that you can enjoy them even during the hot summer months without having they pump out the heat. Using the simple controls on the fireplace, you can simply turn on the artificial fire and lights to enjoy a romantic evening by dancing fire-light without heating the room. Although the “flames” created by an electric fireplace don't exactly replicate that of natural fire, using modern technology, they incorporate refracted light and colored lights to create depth and shadows as well as flicker.

Electric fireplaces come in a wide variety of styles and sizes, so you will be able to use them in any situation and home. They can fill in an already existing hearth, add charm to a normally plain area of the house, or create an inviting, comfortable feeling of home for your college student living away from home. They come in sizes from less than 20 inches to over 60 inches and are very easy to setup and move to any location you choose.

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