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What is a Home Warranty and Why is it so Valuable?

A Home Warranty is a service agreement that offers valuable protection on the properties' mechanical systems and appliances, such as; the heating system, water heater, plumbing, electrical, garage door opener, garbage disposal, central air conditioning or evaporative cooler, door bell, and more. It doesn't matter whether the home, condominium, town house, manufactured home, or mobile home is one year or a hundred years old, as long as the covered items are in good working order at the start of the home warranty service contract.

Home or Appliance Warranties or Extended Warranty Polices - Do not cover any pre-existing conditions such as plumbing, heating, air conditioning, ventilation or electrical code violations. They do not cover items that are in need of repair prior to the issuance of the home warranty service agreement, and they do not cover structural conditions.

Home Warranties are an added benefit and a cost-effective way to protect your homes' mechanical systems, appliances and most of all, your pocket book! Home warranties have been used by; Homeowners, Property Sellers, Home Buyers, Real Estate Investors, Realtors, and Real Estate Services such as Relocation, Title, Inspection, Appraisal, and Mortgage Lending Companies for years.

With cost going up and up on repair bills, plus the large expense involved when
replacement becomes nesccesary. A home warranty service agreement is a good idea to have on your property regardless of their systems and appliances age.

From the seller's position, a home warranty offers protection during the listing period as well as peace-of-mind for potential buyers. Studies have shown that homes that include a home warranty sell faster and at a potentially higher price than those that don't. A home warranty will increase your property's appraisal value by $1000 to $3000 dollars.

For buyers, a home warranty offers numerous advantages, especially if they are first time buyers who are cash poor after paying closing costs and a down payment. A furnace breaking down a few months after the buyer moves in, for example, could be financially catastrophic considering the $1500 to $3000 cost of a new furnace.

With the valuable protection of a home warranty, the new homeowner simply pays a small service fee when the technician performs the service. No more hassles with having to obtain quotes, checking the quality of the Repair Company and waiting for days or even weeks to have the service performed.

Most home warranty service contracts are for up to 6 months of the listing period and 12 months for the buyers. With Blue Ribbon Home Warranty not only covers the seller during the listing period, but also protects the buyers for 14 months! That's two extra months free. We even will come out a do an inspection of the systems and appliances.

Blue Ribbon Home Warranty, Inc., is Colorado's oldest and most trusted home warranty Company, serving the public with "Honest, Affordable Protection" since 1985. They are known for the personal touch service as well as their coverage, price and most of all their integrity! They offer five different home warranty packages. With the purchase of your Blue Ribbon Home Warranty, you get 14 months as their standard coverage for buyers and investors plus, 6 months of coverage for sellers and a complimentary home inspection on seller's properties, if they choose. Homeowners, who are not selling, moving, relocating can also be protected with the same great coverage that we offer buyers and sellers. You can even protect your pool, hot tub, septic tank, and well if you choose.
Their web site is http://www.blueribbonhomewarranty.com or call their office at 303 986-3900 or 1 800 571-0475.

Blue Ribbon Home Warranty, Inc 95 S Wadsworth Blvd, Lakewood, CO 80226

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