Furnace Filter As A Holiday Gift

We use furnaces when the weather calls for it. It seems obvious that we follow a seasonal pattern when looking for furnaces and related services. In general this is true, but Google reveals a few interesting details within this seasonal pattern that are anything but obvious.

Google can show search trends throughout the year for each furnace-related key word and the month when the search peaked. That peak is what we are after in this article. Unfortunately, this article's format does not us allow to insert pictures. Please follow the link at bottom of this article to see the page with all the charts and details.

At the time it was written, the available Google report covered the months from August 2006 through July 2007, so we are starting from the month of August.

There isn't a single furnace-related search peak in August, which is no surprise - everybody is still enjoying summer.

September does bring a surprise. There are search peaks for furnaces, but not gas, oil, or electric ones. Instead, people are looking for all kinds of wood and corn furnaces.
Most of the keywords peak in October. People search for the following:

•Furnace, best furnace, and new furnace

•Furnace ratings, furnace reviews, and furnace comparison

•Furnace sales, furnace installation, gas furnace, and gas furnace prices

•Gas furnace parts, gas furnace repair, gas furnace troubleshooting, furnace service,
furnace maintenance, furnace repair, furnace parts

November has nothing to brag about. There isn't a single furnace-related search peak in this month.

December is a month of partying and gift buying. Only three searches peaked in this month, but all three are worth mentioning. Two of them - furnace filters and furnace humidifiers - we will return to in February. For now, just remember these two plurals.
The last search is for “THE furnace.” When does “furnace” become “THE furnace”? When it breaks in the last week of December?

By January, furnaces have been working hard, and the focus of queries shifts toward repairs. Numerous part names peak in searches, as well as words like "furnace troubleshooting" and "furnace problem(s)." It’s understandable - the longer furnaces run, the more of them are in need of repair. This trend will continue in February. February is a month of several interesting queries.

Do you remember “furnace filters” and “furnace humidifiers” in December? Well, now they've turned singular. February maxed-out searches for “furnace air filter,” “furnace filter,” and “furnace humidifier.” Is it just a coincidence, or were people buying multiple furnace filters for Holiday gifts and Google just uncovered it? It may have something to do with New Year's resolutions as well.

On a serious note. All of a sudden, searches on “furnace efficiency” and “high-efficiency furnace” peak. Have high winter gas bills started coming?

The last, but not the least interesting, search for the keywords “out of this furnace” peaks in February, but before that also spikes in October. What information are these people searching for? Perhaps:

Do I get another winter “out of this furnace”?-- in October.

Do I get another month “out of this furnace”? -- in February.

How can Google be sure?

Nothing special happens between March and August. The only peak is in July in searches for “furnace prices.” Not much furnace buying goes in July, but everybody wants to know the price. Could be some tug of war going on between the vacation budget and the renovation budget.

And in August we are back to our starting point, with the same seasonal pattern.
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About the Author. Boris Sherman is a heating and air conditioning contractor His company Cozy World installs furnaces, air conditioners and heat pumps in the Greater Toronto Area.

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